What Reward?

What Reward

What then is my reward? Just this: that in preaching the gospel I may offer it free of charge, and so not make use of my rights in preaching it.  1st Corinthians 9:18  NIV

The little guy worked hard.  His parents had given him some goals to work on.  They made him a behavior chart.  Every day that he was good with what his parents were trying to teach him, he got to put a smiley face in the square.  One of the things he had to work on was sharing.   When the time came to settle the score, he had enough good merits to receive his reward.  But instead of asking for the new toy that the child had his eye on, he asked for a gift that the whole family could enjoy.  He asked for a weekend to spend together as a family.  He wanted to go to a park.

Paul lets us in on a secret of his.  His little secret is a special lesson into the wonderful and surprising effects of the love of God.  The fuller we are of the Holy Spirit, the less room there is for self.  Those who leap at the opportunity to share the love of God, are the least concerned about a reward only for themselves.  What reward do we work for?  Shall we put all our effort, and devote our time into what the Lord asks of us, but do it so that we too may spend a precious eternity with our Heavenly Family?  Shall we ask that we can all go to a park that is better than we can imagine?

Dear Lord,

Time is short to work on the things You have asked of us.  Let us strive like never before for the Prize of seeing Your face.  For our reward that we would gain, give us all more of You and let us enjoy that Reward together, we pray!


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