Setting Hearts On

Setting Hearts On

Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.  1st Corinthians 9:6  NIV

He loved her and she loved him.  They ran around in the same high school group but they were just friends.  She was sensitive, sweet, and had a contagious laugh.  He went to great lengths to hear her laugh.  He loved seeing her so happy that the tears would well up in her eyes.  But the love they felt for each other was not the same.  She wanted to go out with him.  He couldn´t think of life without her, but he couldn´t stir up the same feelings of romance.  Both knew of the feelings of the other, but they could not talk about it.  They continued hanging out together and enjoying each other´s company at every opportunity.  But their hearts were set on different things.

The Old and the New Testaments are full of instructions and accounts that were written for our spiritual welfare.  Paul tells us that these stories can assist us with our walk.  Someone else in time was working out their own relationship with the Lord.  Now what is written down is a priceless resource for us.  We can be informed and encouraged by all that we find in the Bible.  We can use the scriptures to help us see what we are setting our hearts on.  Shall we thank the Lord, and ask Him to help us learn from our examples?  Shall we ask that we set our hearts fully on Him today?

Dear Lord,

Help us to see what our hearts go out to!  Let us use any help we can get in giving them truly unto You, we pray!


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