Be Careful

Be Careful

So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!  1st Corinthians 9:12  NIV

Finally, the years of hard work paid off.  He was promoted to the manager position.  He had earned it through hard work and dedication.  He did not stop there.  In his first year as the chief, he did not disappoint his superiors.  His staff loved him too.  They went above and beyond the call to do a good job and make sure everything got done well.  But just when you think you are standing firm, things can change.  And they did.  A year later he found himself working in an entry-level position once again.

We can make so much of our secular lives that we forget the part God plays in our lives.  We can look at our jobs, our homes, or our relationships.  We can focus on our bank accounts and worry if there is much or anything in them.  All the while, we may be missing the boat.  As long as we are putting our time and energy into those things, it is those things that we are investing in.  But what we should be investing in right now while there is time is where we stand with our Lord.  Are we being careful with our souls today?  Are we careful to keep our hearts on Him and not everything else?

Dear Lord,

Whether we are standing on top of the world or if it is weighing down upon us, let us look to You and keep You filling our vision, our hearts, and our lives, we pray!



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