To the Glory of God

To the Glory of God

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  1st Corinthians 10:31  NIV

The lights were out and the Madison Square Garden was empty.  Only a couple of hours ago the arena was filled with nearly 20,000 sports fans.  A man stood in one of the tunnels soaking in the scene. and the thought that he had performed there in front of that impressive audience.  Out of the shadows behind him came a voice.  “We are privileged to be here and experience these things,” the voice said.  Another performer had also left the changing rooms.  No more words were needed as they remembered how thrilling it had been to hear the roar of that cheering crowd.

There may be many experiences Christians have the privilege to go through during our lifetimes.  Each day is filled with blessings which we may or may not be fully aware of.  Even such mundane or common things as eating and drinking are delights that we should be thankful for.  Instead of indulging in them like we deserve them, we can, and should, use them to glorify God!  Whether we have or don´t have, whether we eat or don´t eat, shall we thank the Lord for what has been given and seek to bring glory to God for all that He Is and does each day?

Dear Lord,

Do not let us be ungrateful children.  Teach us to praise You, thank You, and bring glory to You for caring for us as You do!  Let us be so excruciatingly aware of the grace we have found in You, that we go on to exalt You with every part of our lives!  Let even our eating and drinking bring glory to You, we pray!


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