Everything From God

Everything From God

For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God.  1st Corinthians 11:12  NIV

There once was a man who traveled a lot.  One day he was away and the next day he would be back again.  During this time he began growing his hair out.  Soon it was down over his shoulders.  One day when he arrived at the airport, he walked off the plane and out to where he had left the car.  He noticed there was a man following him.  Before reaching his car, he turned to confront him.  The man showed him a badge and asked if he could inspect his bag.  His long hair had roused the suspicion of a drug officer.

In many churches today and in many cultures around the world, people are still judging others on appearance.  It is as if we have not learned that God is not impressed with our look, our walk, or our talk.  God sees through the front we put up to resemble Christians or anything else.  God looks deep in behind what others see and right into our hearts.  He is concerned with what our hearts are truly given to.  The Lord looks for souls who are not concerned about what they look like, but how close they are to Him and how committed they are to their relationship with Him!  Could we learn a lesson from the Corinthians and shift our attention away from ourselves and back onto everything that comes from God?

Dear God,

We are sorry for letting trivial issues distract us from You!  Teach us again the urgency we should have to bring our own hearts truly, fully and humbly unto You, we pray!



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