Drink Judgment

Drink Judgment

For anyone who eats and drinks without recognizing the body of the Lord eats and drinks judgment on himself.  1st Corinthians 11:29  NIV


A couple left their family and friends to live in another place.  When they finally came back to visit, their old friends got everyone together for a party.  However, when drinks were served some of the people soon went home.  It was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen relationships and share moments in each other´s company.  But because of the drinks, some precious moments were lost for the ones who did not stay.

The Corinthians needed to be reminded that we should think of others.  We need to examine ourselves.  Our actions can affect others.  What we do, even when it is a religious gathering, can fall short of God´s intentions.  If we care about our Savior, we will not want to exclude anyone, distance them, or make them feel uncomfortable.  So shall we pray that we are careful to invite the Lord into each moment of our lives?  Shall we pray that when we come together, we are mindful of the body and the blood of Christ?  Shall we ask God to help us keep Him present in every moment so that we don´t have to drink judgment upon ourselves?


Dear Lord,

We need to remind ourselves often to examine our hearts before You.  Come near to us and help us keep You in all that we ever do!  Let our gatherings be a place where all can be warmed and strengthened in our bond with You, we pray!


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