God Work

God Work

There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men.  1st Corinthians 12:6  NIV

There is a man who left his homeland to go to a foreign land.  His faith in God drove him to do something for other people who are in need and could find hope in the Lord.  He went to a culture and a country that is struggling and oppressed.  Worshipping the God of Heaven and being a Christian are frowned on there and it is dangerous to speak out.  Yet this man went anyway.  He left the luxuries and comfort of western society.  Many others have watched him go and compare the size of his faith to theirs.  They left nothing to go and work for the Lord.  Should they be like him?

We are told that there are different kinds of workings.  We like to think it is our working, but it is not really the case.  It is God´s working.  The people who care to move by the Holy Spirit are led by that Spirit.  If we are led by our own wishes and our own desires, then we will have our own agendas.  But the people who care more about the Lord and feel His love welling up inside them will be led by that Spirit to His purposes and goals.  We may or may not always know what God is working on, but if we are looking to Him, He will surely lead.  So instead of comparing our work to our brother´s, let us look to Jesus.  Isn´t that precisely how we activate His Spirit and let God work in and through us?


Dear Lord,

We want to be so tuned to You that it is You Who work in us.  Move us and lead us even if it is right where we are, we pray!




  1st Corinthians 12:  NIV




Dear Lord,

, we pray!



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