And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.  1st Corinthians 13:13  NIV


Grandma was incredible.  She was a pillar of faith.  It did not matter what trouble there was to face, it was to be prayed over and properly left in God´s hands.  She was filled with hope.  There was a bright side to everything.  Even when she was ailing, she greeted everyone with a smile.  She sensed the good in people.  Her world was a paradise, but Heaven was just around the corner.  Yet the greatest aspect of her was her love.  God´s love flowed from her.  There was always room at her table for one more.  Her love was Heaven sent.

When searching for a Christian role-model, we can see what things should be important to find in each of us.  If we look carefully we are sure to be amazed at the faith and hope found if ordinary people who have chosen to look to God.  These are the things that remain.  They remain and people are remembered by them.  Love is the greatest.  Faith and hope connect the individual with God.  Love shows the presence of the other two.  Love connects us not only to the Lord but to everyone else as well.  Shall we get back to the basics today?  Shall we beseech Christ to fill us with faith, hope, and love?  Shall we ask that His love remains in us for all times?


Dear Lord,

As we look to the pillars of our faith help us to see clearly.  Please increase our walk with You!  Let others be warmed in the glow of our faith and our hope.  Let them know we are Yours for Your love that remains in us, we pray!



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