Not God of Disorder

Not God of Disorder

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.  1st Corinthians 14:33  NIV


The conversation at the youth camp became heated.  The young people had been brought together to strengthen their faith and to prepare them to be leaders and witnesses amongst their peers.  But now the subject they discussed brought out sentiments that were too warm to be friendly.  They were discussing the atrocities of other denominations.  They were defending their own church founders and prophets and attacking those of other lines of faith for their actions and beliefs.  There were accusations of theft, plagiarism, and a number of vile human failures that infuriated the youth and brought anger and disorder to the meeting.

The problem is not a simple one.  The Cure is.  People fall short of God´s expectations for us.  Even inside churches, whenever the focus shifts from God to us, error and sin are sure to creep in.  In the Bible, nearly every great character had their low moments.  Murder, theft, tempers, and lack of faith are seen in even the saints that we learn our faith from.  But the importance lies not with the people but with the Lord.  God is not the God of disorder.  When we all concentrate ourselves upon Him, then the disorder disappears.  Shall we pray that we too can see past ourselves and our distractions, and tune ourselves to the One we need?


Dear Lord,

We want to see past our distractions and disorder.  Tell us again, that our Savior can still save us from ourselves.  Bring our whole lives into order as we focus upon You, we pray!


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