Dead Faith


Dead FaithAnd if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.  1st Corinthians 15:14  NIV


Two boys went to the same school.  They played together and sat near each other in class.  One had dreams of being a preacher.  The other did not.  They both studied the Bible, but one wanted to learn how to elaborate on texts and how to share them.  Times changed and each one took a separate path.  They soon lost contact.  The boy who wanted to be a preacher became a minister.  The less driven child got lost in our clamorous world.  One could think that his faith was dead and that he will not go far in the Kingdom of Heaven.  How do we know whose faith is dead?

Some people doubt that God can bring dead people to life.  Paul says that kind of faith is useless.  God is no god if He cannot raise lifeless things to life again.  We need hope.  We must set our faith above the clouds.  We can look to a risen Savior.  Just as God resurrected His Son from the grave, He can bring Him to life in us!  Jesus is near!  His arms are open!  He is here and wants to move in our hearts!  We can all choose what to do with our faith.  We can go through the motions.  We can resist going out of our way to walk with Jesus throughout our day.  What will we strive for?  Will we leave our dead faith in dead ideals or in a dead god?  Or shall we let the Creator of Life raise our faith to life with our risen Lord?


Dear Lord,

Whatever path You have for us, we want to walk it with You!  We want our faith and hope in You to be vibrant proof of our intimacy with You!  Wake us to life in and with You, we pray!



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