The Sting of Death

The Sting of Death

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”  1st Corinthians 15:55  NIV


All she ever wanted was to be a good wife and mother.  She loved her family with a super-human force that welled up from within her.  She could easily understand the love of God for all the love she felt for those in her life.  But then the worst happened.  Her husband was taken away from her.  Sickness laid him in the grave far too early.  Her heart was broken.  She had lost her best friend and partner.  But she still had God.  She still had her children to love and to mother.  She still had so many friends to love and who loved her dearly.  And she had the promises of God to keep her going.  Her resolve, her faith, were tried.  But her hope rests in the character and love of the Almighty!  What can tarnish the Everlasting?  What can do injury to the One Who has the plan?

Death brings pain to all who are touched by it.  But the nearer we stand to God, the less time it will last.  The pain is less intense the more we focus on our Savior.  The helplessness felt through our loss, throws us upon very big shoulders.  Our need for comfort drives us nearer to the One Who has infinite plans for us.  Where is death´s sting when even it can bring us closer to the One Who loves us?  Who can cry long, when the dawn is coming when we will all rise to praise our Redeemer and revel our God forever?


Dear Lord,

Focus us so fully on You that our hope and anticipation rise.  Help us walk so close to You that Your Presence overshadows our pain and death loses its sting, we pray!


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