The Father of our Lord

The Father of our Lord

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,  2ndt Corinthians 1:3  NIV


A young man set off to make it in the world.  But soon, he found that it takes more strength, more wisdom, and more effort than he was able to muster at times.  The attitude that he could take on the world gave way to the reality that some things in life were bigger than his ego and his capabilities.  So what did this young man do?  He went home.  He went to his parents.  He went where he knew he would find comfort, encouragement, and advice.  He took his dad for a drive.  In an orchard, he stopped the car.  He needed to pray.  Tears fell as the two men sought God´s help and direction.

Jesus also went to His Father when His burdens were weighing Him down.  He went to the God of all comfort.  He knew that compassion was found there.  As we follow our Savior Jesus Christ, we too can go to the Father.  We can go with His Son.  We may find ourselves down and out, praying in an orchard, our workplace, or on the floor of our room.  God hears.  He cares.  We have a Heavenly family waiting and working for our secure future together.  If we come to our knees, then we are right where we need to be.  There is no better place or time!  Shall we take all our worries and our cares to the Father of our Lord now?


Dear Father in Heaven,

We need You!  We don´t always know how to walk in this world, so we want to walk with You!  Take our hand, lead us, comfort us, and guide us ever closer to You, we pray!



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