Suffering in our Lives

Suffering in our Lives

For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.  2nd Corinthians 1:5  NIV


All she wanted to do was to have a little nest where she could raise her children in comfort and security.  What she didn´t understand was that God had different plans for her life.  Every time she and her husband reached a position of security, something would happen and they would be out of a job or out of a home.  They would have to move again.  Then there would be years of toil, sweat, and tears until they were back on their feet again.  She couldn´t understand.  She had no idea why God wanted to keep her family in suspense.  Where were the years of ease and plenty?

The Christian may be one of the first to see and recognize the blessings we have been blessed with here on earth.  We may be thrilled to experience first-hand the generosity and forgiveness of God.  But we are not called unto God to skip straight to the celebration feast.  We have a Savior who shows us the Way.  Following Him leads us through a life of sacrifice.  We may experience times of plenty and of joy, but every gift God gives is to draw our hearts closer to Him.  They are not sent for our hearts to go out towards the gift.  Inside our souls, can we wander in our desert, still desperately yearning for the great day when our faith is made complete and we are ushered into the Promised Land?


Dear Jesus,

Help us embrace the comfort of Your Presence so we can endure any suffering that following You may bring, we pray!



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