To Let Us Know

To Let Us Know

For I wrote you out of great distress and anguish of heart and with many tears, not to grieve you but to let you know the depth of my love for you.  2nd Corinthians 2:4  NIV


The two men had shared many memorable experiences together.  Despite a difference in their age, they had gone from youth into their adult years seeking adventures, traveling, fishing, and camping together.  Life-threatening situations, as well as heart-warming ones, were all shared as many friends do.  But it did not last.  Soon the pull of jobs and earthly life crept in.  One turned to the pursuit of financial gain.  The change put their relationship in danger.  The concerned man wrote a letter to let his friend know the dangers.  But instead of helping their friendship, it ended there.

Paul experienced a situation where he also felt the need to write.  His concerns were far more focused upon God.  The issues he wrote to address, were to let people know of the damage being done to the relationship with the Lord and not just human ones.  The Apostle wrote out of love.  His words are intended to correct problems in the church.  When we read, we can be part of that family.  We can accept or reject the warnings and encouragement.  We can have the whole Bible!  What are we going to do with it today?  Could we read the Scriptures to check where we stand with Christ?  Will we let our hearts feel the love and make restoring God into our hearts our concern now?  What might we learn today?


Dear Lord,

Please don´t give up on us!  Show us again, where we could turn more to You!  Let us know and help us to listen, we pray!


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