Sweet Or Foul-Smelling

Sweet or Foul-Smelling

To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life. And who is equal to such a task?  2nd Corinthians 2:16  NIV


“Oh, you just have to try it!” They were told.  “It is the best fruit ever!”  But the newly arrived visitors stared at the sign in the entrance.  The fruit was prohibited in the building where they were staying.  “What is wrong with it?”  “Oh, it smells really, really bad.”  Travel and food writer Richard Sterling says that the Durian Fruit´s odor is best described as pig-dung, turpentine and unions, garnished with a gym sock.  While naturalist A.R. Wallace agrees with the horrible smell that reaches quite a distance.  He doesn´t hesitate to say that it has the most exquisite flavor and is unsurpassed in all the world of fruit.

True Christians throughout the ages have had a similar distinction.  To the wayward and earthly, we carry a bad smell.  They are put off and can be hostile to the aroma of God that the believer exudes.  Just a whiff of the Son of God, in many circles, can turn up many people´s noses and make them want to prohibit the follower of Christ from their presence.  But others are open to the sweet smell of forgiveness and Heaven. They want to taste having a loving Father and a Savior Who is to die for.  These can experience the sweetest and most exquisite pleasure available to mankind.  What about us?  Are we put off, or enjoying the sweetness of God today?


Dear Lord,

Regardless of what others think, give us You!  Let us stomach anything just to enjoy the sweet taste of You in us, we pray!



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