Not in Ourselves

Not in Ourselves

Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.  2nd Corinthians 3:5  NIV


The teenage boy was drawn out of curiosity to the airport.  He stood and looked through the fence at the light aircraft.  Just then a pilot walked by.  “Would you like to go up for a spin?”  He said.  The youth could not believe his ears.  “I am one of the instructors at the training center and if you have twenty bucks we can go up for a demo.”  In no time they were taxiing to the runway.  As the plane lifted off the ground so did his spirits.  The boy was already hooked.  But the real thrill came when they were floating high above the familiar neighborhood. The instructor let him take the controls.  He was flying physically, emotionally and spiritually!

On the boy´s very first flight he could hold the plane level and make turns.  He was not a competent aviator yet and certainly would not have made it safely back to ground on his own.  But his instructor was right next to him and could control the plane.  In our flight through life, things are quite similar.  Our ride with our competent Instructor takes us to eternally more perilous heights.  Yet with Christ by our side, we need not fear!  We may not be able to see or avoid all the dangers to our souls.  But praise be to God! Jesus can safely bring us to our destination!  Are our hearts thrilling today to the sensation of flying with our Lord?


Dear Lord,

Thanks for Your competent hands!  Let our souls soar today knowing that we are flying with You by our side!



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