Selling Ourselves

Selling Ourselves

For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.  2nd Corinthians 4:5  NIV


After working for years in one of the fortune 500 companies a man was in the curious situation of finding a job in the real world.  He set himself to the task of updating his resume and compiling references, cover-letters, and the rest.  He discovered to his dismay that this new job of finding a job had become a considerable task indeed.  He needed to learn to sell himself.  He needed to make himself look good to the companies he was applying to or nobody was going to hire him.  Do we feel like that as Christians at times?

Before we run off to preach ourselves, let´s look at God.  He is powerful.  He is wise.  He moves beyond our imaginings.  He has higher ideals.  He does not look for the same qualities in people.  Man´s achievements do not impress Him.  Christ died for us when we didn´t deserve it.  He loves us regardless of who we are.  His ways are far above our ways.  We will never stand by our fine references or fancy CVs.  But if we come before Him, then we can begin to see through humble eyes.    We will have nothing more and nothing less to sell than the God who loves us and saves us!  We will not need to sell ourselves, except in love to Him and those who we may serve for Jesus´ sake!  What will we sell today?


Dear Lord,

We are tired of selling ourselves and our pitifully low views.  Awaken us to You so that we cannot bear selling anything less than You and Your love, we pray!



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