Hard Pressed

Hard Pressed

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;  2nd Corinthians 4:8  NIV


“Why me?” She cried to her husband as they finally put their toddler down to sleep.  She had had a meeting at work that day.  They had offered her a permanent position in the company, but because she was honest, they had retracted their offer.  She had confided to them that she was pregnant.  She was let go instead.  Times were already tough for the family that was just starting out.  Now this!  How would they make it with another mouth to feed?  To make matters worse, it was the onset of the crises and work would be difficult to find.  Where would she find a little hope in the face of all that stood against them?  What about us?

Christians step out of the world´s parade and step in behind Jesus.  Darkness may attack us subtly or violently for leaving our love affair with this fallen place.  But we must still live here.  Where on earth can we find hope?  The answer is; nowhere on earth!  We can find and have hope because we look above it all.  We look beyond our horizons.  We look above our problems and the stars.  We look to God!  We look to a Savior Who assures us that all will be well with our soul!  We do not have to escape trouble because we walk with Jesus.  Our every need throughout eternity will be provided for.  Christ can do more for us the closer we are to Him!  Where can we go when we are hard pressed?  Where will we go now?

Dear Lord,

Thank You for all You have done, and do for us each day!  Let our hard times only serve to draw us closer to You, we pray!


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