Troubles Work Good

Troubles Work Good

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.  2nd Corinthians 4:17  NIV


Two months after the accident a man found himself checking into the hospital for his operation.  One wrong move had torn a ligament in his knee and now he would have a new one put in.  But the swelling had already gone down and he had already recovered some strength and mobility.  The last thing he wanted to consider now was to be laid up again.  The next few months would be painful and hard for him.  But he needed this surgery to be well.  The temporary pain and inconvenience would work for his best in the end.  What momentary troubles are we facing today?

Christians have this edge in life.  We have struggles like everyone else.  We may even suffer extra difficulties as we step farther out of the world´s parade to follow Christ.  But our temporary discomfort only opens our eyes more to the fact that we need help.  We need a Savior!  We need Someone bigger to lean on!  We need Jesus!  We cannot walk one single step without the very One that we would walk to if we could step on our own.  So to need Christ more is a blessing.  Leaning on Jesus strengthens a bond that can last for eternity.  Shall we pray today that our temporary troubles work for us a stronger dependency on our Lord, our Savior, and Friend?


Dear Lord,

Throw anything at us that will throw us more on You!  Just help us see our need for You and go on to seek You as our strength, our direction, and our health forever, we pray!



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