Not By Sight

Not By Sight

We live by faith, not by sight.  2nd Corinthians 5:7  NIV


In the evening they parked the car a short distance from the hide.  It was a small platform made of poles that stood a few meters off the ground.  The animal-viewing platform was in a remote game ranch in Africa and overlooked one of the watering holes.  A small family climbed the stairs and stretched out their sleeping bags for the night.  They waited quietly and expectantly to see some animals.  Somewhere around midnight, a lioness stepped into the moonlight below them.  For a moment that felt like an eternity, she just stared up at them.  She could have easily leaped up to where they were, so the family held their breath as their hearts beat rapidly.  Then the lioness disappeared into the shadows.  The rest of that night the family strained their feeble sight to see if any other danger might be lurking in the dark or hungrily observing them.

God promises to look after those who look to Him.  We may not see well into spiritual matters.  We may not see the dangers that are lurking in the darkness to harm our relationship with the Lord.  But God promises faith to those who seek it.  We can learn to trust our Savior.  He can give us faith and we can live by it.  We can cling to the hope that Christ is with us and keeping us safe from any unseen danger.  Shall we pray for a faith in Jesus today that puts us in God´s hands while our eyes are still so dim?


Dear Lord,

Strengthen the eyes of our soul to seek and to find You!  Teach us to become experts in recognizing where You are moving in and around us, we pray!



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