No Stumbling Blocks

No Stumbling Blocks

We put no stumbling block in anyone’s path, so that our ministry will not be discredited.  2nd Corinthians 6:3  NIV


In the high school assembly, a speaker told the students that salvation comes only by the grace of God.  “It is not by works.”  He told them.  Then the meeting shifted somehow and the speaker cleverly turned the rest of the speech into a call to act as the school and their church was expecting of them.  At break, those students had a heated conversation about what their beliefs were.  “If believing in Christ is what saves us, then why must we follow a set of church standards and doctrines?”  They argued.  “Who are we really following?  Some asked.  “Are we following Christ or men?

That conversation was held many years ago.  Those same students still maintain their friendship.  Almost every one of them had left the church after high school or college.  But now many of them attend church again.  Nearly all of them worship God and seek Christ in their lives somehow.  Time and distance separate them.  Denominational divisions and earthly-oriented influences have tried to creep in and steal their chances of coming to Jesus.  But the Bible and the Holy Spirit still work to open genuine hearts.  Souls are still brought to the Lord.  The ministry of prophets, Apostles, and a host of good people will refuse to put stumbling blocks that hinder or exclude.  We can still come close to Jesus.  Will we today?


Dear Lord,

Help us resist anything that would prevent us from coming to You right now in our hearts!  Help us see our need to be with You in living experience and walk with You today, we pray!




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