Willing To Give

Willing To Give

For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have.  2nd Corinthians 8:12  NIV


A family´s old computer was not working well and they needed one.  So each month they set aside what could be spared.  One day when the father was counting up their savings to see how much they still needed, their preschooler came and touched his father´s arm.  “Here you go daddy.”  He said with a smile.  In his outstretched hand was his little piggy bank.  All the coins that he had earned for good behavior were in there.  It didn´t amount to much, but his father nearly broke into tears.  The child was so willing to give with no regard to himself.  He only wanted to see his parent´s stress relieved.  Is the way we give showing our willingness to care for the needs of others?  Or do we struggle with ourselves?

We may give a little here or there.  We may think we are giving abundantly.  But we could probably all stand to pray for a purer sense of giving.  We should pray that we are ready, willing, and anxious to give as our Savior gave for us.  We should ask that we do not give only out of excess, but even when we feel that we don´t have enough to give.  We should pray that our giving is not limited to money, but that we are quick to see any needs the others have around us.  Could we pray that we are willing to give today?


Dear Lord,

Change our hearts!  Teach us to always be ready and willing to give unselfishly whenever someone is in need.  Help us give of our care, our kindness, and of our very selves, we pray!


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