But, “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.”  2nd Corinthians 10:17  NIV


A man who had grown up in a simple community with humble roots got a fancy job in another city.  He traveled a lot in his new job and met many rich and famous people.  His work permitted him to visit his hometown at times and see his old friends.  At first, he talked a lot about his experiences and the extravagant benefits of his new life.  But soon he realized that his boasting only distanced him from his family and friends.  Do we ever find ourselves puffed up or boasting about ourselves?

The call for the Christian is one of an about-face.  Before we came to know the Lord, we were sure to be the center of our little universe.  But as the Light comes to our scene and we awaken to the unfathomable Wonder that Is God, our interests will surely shift.  No matter how great we once thought we were, our Lord will outshine and eclipse us completely.  As we see Christ ever more acutely, we will no longer think so much of ourselves.  We will not feel the need to boast about us, but rather will know no better joy than to lift up our Lord and boast about our Savior and His love.  Who feels like boasting today?


Dear Lord,

Show us enough of You that we are completely undone.  Let us be so blown away by You and Your Presence, that our only boast will surely be of You and all You have done, we pray!



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