By Our Side

By Our Side

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,  Galatians 1:3  NIV


He was less than ten years old when his father took him to climb Mt. Shasta in Northern California.  They left the car in a parking lot and headed up the trail with their backpacks on.  They found a little cottage for climbers to take refuge at night somewhere near the tree-line., but they went right by.  When the sun went down, they left the trail and found a flat piece of ground to lay their sleeping bags on.  The boy nestled in close to his father under the amazing show of lights in the night sky.  Suddenly, further uphill, they heard a rockslide.  A little later they heard another.  By then the child was terrified.  He prayed silently to God that He would keep them safe from being covered by falling rocks.  He edged in closer to his own dad to feel some comfort.  Where do we go?

We may not see Him, but we have a Father in Heaven who is looking out for us.  The night may be dark.  It may seem that rocks are falling and threaten to cover us.  But if we look up, He will display His glory and His wonders to us.  We also have a Comforter Who is close by our side.  He is here to protect us and guide us safely up above the clouds.


Dear Lord,

We are on an upward journey towards You in Heaven.  Please be with us on our Way.  Be ever so close and show us Your beauty.  Comfort us through all our fears.  Be our source of strength and guidance as we come closer to You, we pray!


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