Evil Age

Evil Age

who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father,  Galatians 1:4  NIV


After church, the children all bolted outside to play.  In their game, the bad guys were to catch the good guys and put them in a jail.  Nobody wanted to be the bad guy.  Back then, villains were always depicted as dark characters on TV and in the movies.  They wore dark clothes and had devious motives.  The good guys were shown wearing a white hat and looked after people.  The good guy always did what was right and would not even tell a lie.  Times have changed since then.  Is it difficult to distinguish who is good?  Has our age become so evil that the heroes are now the bad guys?

The Bible teaches us that our world will get worse. (Matthew 24) The good guys will be fewer and harder to detect.  Already in the movies, we are made to love the villain and see him as the hero of the story.  But God has warned us of our evil age and has given us hope to help us through it.  He gave us His Son, Jesus Christ to teach us, prepare us, and to take us in the right direction.  Shall we look to our Savior today and ask Him to lead us through this evil age we live in?  Shall we let Him show us that good is still good? It will make us happy and lead us closer to God!


Dear Lord,

There are so many dark and sad things about our age that we need a helping hand to take us through.  Let us come to know You in such a Way that we will know how to be good and love others as You would have us do.  Be with us now, we pray!


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