I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.  Galatians 1:12


A small boy sat in a chair in preschool class before church. The children were singing.  He began to notice a strange light around the heads of his friends and the teachers.  He tried to detect if he was seeing something physical or imaginary.  It looked to him as if he was seeing energy or an aura.   He could only see it if he was not focusing straight on it.  He struggled to find it on one of the teachers who was not so friendly.  The boy could not explain what he saw, so he kept it to himself.  Was it all the child´s imagination?  Or could God have been revealing something spiritual in that class?

Science and education may rob us today of a healthy sense of wonder.  But if we would step out of the world´s parade, and choose to look at God, then we must rely on something other than the senses of touch or sight.  When we come to contemplate spiritual things, we will need to get in tune with our hearts.  We will need to open up our minds to possibilities far beyond the limits that our world puts on us.  We must prepare ourselves to see amazing things, feel thrilling sensations, and be moved by experiences that we never imagined could be possible.  If the God of Wonder sounds like an adventure worth seeking, then maybe He can come and surprise us today.  Are we interested enough to try?


Dear Lord,

We want to come to know things of You that no person can teach us!  We want to be overwhelmed, bewildered and undone!  Thrill us now with an awareness of You, we pray!



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