Infiltrated Ranks

Infiltrated Ranks

This matter arose because some false brothers had infiltrated our ranks to spy on the freedom we have in Christ Jesus and to make us slaves.  Galatians 2:4  NIV


Before the start a game of paintball, the teams were given a couple of minutes to plan.  One team was on one hill and their flag was in a fortress-like structure.  There was a small valley that separated them from the team on the opposite hill.  One of the guys on the opposite team suggested storming down the hill in a kamikaze rush.  Only two others on his team agreed to join in the absurd idea.  But when the game started and the three charged right across to the other side. The opposing team did not have a chance to prepare.  They found that they could not defend their battlefront and the kamikaze players who had now infiltrated their ranks.

Not everyone who goes to church has God as their Goal.  They sneak in, barge in, or infiltrate our ranks in one way or another.  These false brothers do not even imagine that they are false. They think that they are doing God a favor by fighting for their goals.  We may not expect people who say they are Christians to convince us of some lower human-oriented goal.  Could we pray that Jesus will walk close enough to us now that we will be protected from anyone who would hurt our chances of coming to know our God?


Dear Lord,

We want to experience a relationship with You!  Please guide us and keep us safe from those who would infiltrate and our ranks and sell us something less than knowing You for ourselves, we pray!


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