For Nothing

For Nothing

I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!”  Galatians 2:21  NIV


There was a couple that invested in the upbringing of their child.  They loved him and paid for him to go to private Christian school.  After graduating from high school, they encouraged their son to enroll in university.  But throughout his years of studying, he never found a career path that suited his fancy.  His parents were delighted when he took up flight training.  But after several years, he stopped taking lessons.  It seemed that his parent´s hopes for preparing their son for life were all for nothing.  Are we preparing ourselves for the future that God has promised to those who care?

Many would have us working our way into Heaven.  But this idea of cleaning ourselves only robs God of His Gift of grace to us.  There is only one Way to come unto the Father!  God gave us Jesus!  It pleased the God to give His Son to those who would embrace Him.  Those who care will come to know and follow Him.  We should be grateful.  Our future, all our hope, and any direction we need for this life come by knowing and walking intimately with the Son of God!  Shall we pray that we do not set aside the grace of God today?  Shall we ask that Christ did not die for nothing?  Could we invite Him into our hearts right now?


Dear Lord,

Our world would give us so many things to do.  But help us see the One thing that we need and find Him somehow today.  Give us a close and personal walk with Jesus, we pray!



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