Foolish Human Effort

Foolish Human Effort

Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?  Galatians 3:3  NIV


There were ten athletes who were selected and flown in to compete for only three spots on a prestigious team.  They had been selected over hundreds of applicants.  One of the boys who was blessed by this opportunity knew the size of his good fortune.  These were the top competitors in the whole United States.  He had never competed or even had any professional training.  God had blessed him by bringing him here.  After four days of interviews, instruction, and competitions, the results came in.  The boy who had little chance was miraculously selected.  He knew he was there by God´s design.  Have we ever seen God take us where He only He could bring us?

When we come to contemplate our religious fate, we may easily forget that it was God who brought us to this decision.  The selection process to become one of the precious few who will stand in the Presence of the Lord will be intense.  We cannot forget the grace that we are being shown.  We do not deserve to be considered.  But God has called us.  Here we are!  Will we stand on our own merit?  Or will we humble our hearts, take the outstretched hand of Jesus, and let Him lead us where He where only He can take us?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for calling us to You!  Now lead our hearts where You will!  Bring us into an awareness of You, we pray!




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