God´s Spirit

God´s Spirit


Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you because you observe the law, or because you believe what you heard?  Galatians 3:5  NIV


Visitors to a house began to talk about their faith one day.  The question was brought up over Who or What the Holy Spirit was.  The visitors were convinced that the Spirit of God was simply a good feeling we receive when we think of the Lord.  Have we ever stopped to consider our beliefs in the Great Spirit?  Have we ever studied the Bible references about Him?  What does the Holy Spirit mean to us now?  What could the Spirit mean to us if we gave Him the chance to be and do all that the Scriptures offer?

Many people will not care enough to think about it.  Some will put limitations on the Spirit.  But the loss is theirs.  If we want to believe in a limited god, we can.  It will not be the Almighty God.  We can try to say that we can completely understand or describe God´s Spirit.  But it will not be the Holy Ghost.  Or we could believe that He is a wonder-filled, Spirit who moves mysteriously, far above our wildest dreams.  Then we begin to open ourselves to knowing Him.  If we invite the most powerful unseen Force in the universe into our hearts, then the Spirit of the unlimited God may come and move in us!  Shall we lay down our puny notions?  Shall we open our Bibles and ask God to show us the Wonder that could astonish us and overwhelm us with His powerful movement today?


Dear Lord,

Open our hearts to be flooded, bewildered and awed.  Let us experience the overwhelming Wonder of Your Spirit, we pray!


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