Blessed by Faith

Blessed by Faith

So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith.  Galatians 3:9  NIV


A light aircraft somewhere over the wilds of Africa had been fighting headwinds for hours.  Towards sundown, they met with one of Africa´s great thunderstorms.  Climbing over it was impossible as it towered above them.  So the pilots chose to take their chances under it.  But the sun went down.  They were running out of fuel.  With the loss of daylight, they were lost.  The storm began to rage around them.  They had to use the light from bolts of lightning to avoid running aground.  One of the pilots was a Christian.  He prayed.  God saved them.  They found their way through that storm and landed hours after the fuel gages read empty.  Has our faith in God ever been tested?

Abraham is a man who was commended by God as a man of faith.  He believed God and sought Him regardless of what anything or anyone in the world would tell him.  But there is a saving power that is activated for all of those who would learn to trust God like him.  A simple faith that we are placing our lives in the hand of God actually accomplishes that goal.  When we tie ourselves to Christ as our only hope, then it is the Almighty who becomes our protector.  Our plane may go down, but our eternal fate is secure.  Who today could use the security that comes from knowing our lives are in the hands of God?  Who wants to be blessed by faith?


Dear Lord,

Bless us with a good measure of faith.  Let us live or die by knowing that we are in Your capable hands, we pray!


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