All Sons of God

All Sons of God

You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus,  Galatians 3:26  NIV


He was so happy to be a father.  He was given three.  He took them with him everywhere.  They went camping.  They would go for hikes.  Sometimes they would get lost or the branches would whip them in the face as the followed close behind him.  He got them little backpacks when they could barely walk.  They wouldn´t make it far before he was left carrying them himself.  But he didn´t mind.  He had his boys to accompany him on his adventures.  They would go fishing.  Almost always somebody would end up falling into the creek.  His joy knew no bounds.  God had blessed him with sons.  Do we realize what joy our Father in Heaven has when faith in Jesus makes us all His sons?

The Scriptures paint us so many pictures of a loving God, caring for and nurturing His children.  He loves us so much that He even sacrificed His own Son for us.  It is through this gesture of Fatherly love, that we are made His sons and daughters again.  When we embrace Him through believing in the Gift He gave for us, then God´s heart is repaid.  His love is rewarded.  We become children of the Father of all fathers!  And He can have all of us as His sons and His daughters!  Who will leap at the chance now to enter His embrace and be part of God´s loving family?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for giving so much for us to come to be together!  Give us now Your Son that we may believe in Him and therefore truly be Yours forever, we pray!



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