If You Belong

If You Belong

If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.  Galatians 3:29  NIV


They made her go to classes.  They instructed her on what was expected of her to be a part of the organization and part of the church.  But as hard as she tried to comply with what they asked of her, she never felt like she belonged.  Do we ever feel like religion has become a sort of a social club?  Do we ever get the sensation that if we do not please the right people at the right moment our standing with God is at risk?  Should it be like this to belong to God?  Or are we missing the boat somewhere?

We can study our Bibles inside and out, but the Word of God will never tell us that we need to belong to any man-made organization.  We will find much about who belongs or does not belong to the Lord.  But it never comes to human regulations, opinions or interpretations.  It always comes to God!  Whether we belong to Christ or not, is something very crucial and very intimate.  If we have not realized this, then we have been sold something less than salvation.  If we have not heard that actually coming to know Jesus is our only hope, then CHRIST-ianity has still not been offered to us.  But if we do know we need a Savior, then everything changes!  If we can give ourselves to Him and see to it that we are actually His, then the promises of the Bible can become ours!  Do we want to belong to Him?  Would on our knees be a great place to start?


Dear Jesus,

Many would rob us of coming to You and being saved.  Help us past the dangers and truly become Yours now, we pray!



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