What We Turn To

What We Turn To

But now that you know God–or rather are known by God–how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable principles? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?  Galatians 4:9  NIV


Growing up the children were taught that they needed to believe in a few distinguishing beliefs.  Their day of worship was crucial.  The kinds of food or drink they consumed would confirm them as God´s own or exclude them from being His true followers.  They had their prophets which were more correct than the prophets that other religions celebrated.  Almost all of their doctrines were derived straight from the Bible, so they were supposed to believe them without question.  But for all the requisites that were placed upon these children, could they have been turning to lesser things?

Some of these children grew up and continue to worship in the congregation.  Others left for good.  Still, others found a church more suitable to their beliefs.  Where do we go to find the answers to life´s most important questions?  Will we plod along without questioning the authorities?  Will we go to them for our instruction?  Or will we just run away?  What if we turned to the Lord?  What if we fall to our knees?  What if we get out our Bibles and seek anew a salvation more secure than principles?  Could we still turn all our efforts to knowing the only One who can save us?


Dear Lord,

Place a burden upon us each individually to come to know You for ourselves!  Give us nothing short of a personal walk with You to enjoy each and every day of our lives, we pray!




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