Land of the Free

Land of the Free

But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.  Galatians 4:26  NIV


Stepping off the plane a family waited at immigration.  They had moved to Europe when their children were born to be closer to her family.  Now they were returning to visit his side of the family.  But at the passport control, the agents politely asked her to accompany them.  The man was left holding the hands of their two children.  She was taken in for questioning.  Their move to her country had happened during renewing residency papers.  Now the government wanted to know why the suspicious activity.  Have we ever felt that our Land of the Free was not so free?

Those who have chosen to belong to Jesus Christ have taken on a new heritage.  They belong to a celestial family and a Heavenly home.  The entry and right to that Land are controlled tightly, but it is the only place that can truly be called free.  This is because it does not come down to the decision of other humans whether we have rights or not.  Those who would come into the Land of the Father are free to come, they are invited, and they are welcomed.  What makes it free is that our being there was already paid for at a very high price.  That price was paid for by the One who walks by our side.  He is the Son of the Father.  If we know Him, we are children of a New Jerusalem.  Shall we pray that we can come now to the Land of the Free?


Dear Lord,

Draw us near, so near that we can come before the throne of Heaven knowing that we belong there with You, we pray!


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