Children of Promise

Children of Promise

Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise.  Galatians 4:28  NIV


A Christian family once reached the stage where their children began leaving the nest.  They left the home to go and study in universities or to work in different cities.  Finally, none were left living under the roof of their parents.  They were no longer there for their parents to guide them into the knowledge of God or to help them with their spiritual growth.  Their parents had to hand their spiritual care over to Jesus and pray that they were children of promise.  Do we know who can be children of promise today?

Faith is a mystery.  It finds all it needs to grow and flourish in the invisible God of Heaven.  We cannot see it or touch it.  It builds people up from deep under the skin where the Holy Spirit moves.  It lives in the heart.  Anyone who may be moved to think of God has this chance to be His.  All the loving and inconceivably great things promised in the Bible become available to a searching and open soul.  When our precious little ones grow old enough and venture out into this world, it is the seeds of faith that hopefully the parents are able to give them that may grow and assist them on their spiritual journey.  With our prayers and encouragement, the Holy Spirit is given.  We can have hope.  Even our young can be children of promise.  Who will join in praying for them now?


Dear Lord,

You are the Author and Finisher of our faith!  Please pour Your Spirit out to make and grow up for You Your children of promise even here and even now, we pray!


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