Free To

Free To

Therefore, brothers, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.  Galatians 4:31  NIV


High above the river, they secured the lines to the bridge.  A young lady stepped up for her turn.  She was a foreigner and did not yet speak the language well.  They explained to her what to do.  As they did, they wondered if she would have the courage to make the leap.  They had her step over the rail and prepared to give her a load of encouragement to tell her she was free to jump.  But before they could start, she said, “I go now!”  And she went!  Do we know when we are free to take a step of faith into the freedom of Christ?

We are free.  We are free to take the Son of God as our very own.  It may be a leap of faith for us to accept Jesus as our lifeline.  A world of darkness would try to prevent us from letting go of the bridge where everyone else walks.  But Christ has tied up the loose ends.  He has sacrificed much and now gives us the Word.  If we take this step, then we will experience the ride of our lives!  No thrill in Heaven or on earth can match this sensation of freedom when we let go of our previous lives and fall into the hands of God.  Can we pray that we will experience the rush of having Jesus with us today?  Shall we pray that we hear His voice telling us that we are free to leap into faith and swing away with Him forever?


Dear Lord,

Let us overcome all that would hold us back.  Let the call to place our lives in Your hands be all we hear.  Tell us that we are free to be completely Yours and let our thrilling ride with You begin now, we pray!


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