Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace

You who are trying to be justified by law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace.  Galatians 5:4


Get rich quick!  It sounded appealing.  Fold letters.  Build a team to sell a product.  With these special instructions for a secret and an easy way, you can get where the hard-working, everyday workers will never go.  The scams were many.  Those who bought into them ended up wasting their time and money.  In the end, these get-rich-quick schemes simply made money for the one who sold them and not for the fools who bought into them.  Could even religion run this same dangerous risk?  Is it possible we too could be sold something short of reaching our goal of coming to God?

Whenever too much of man seeps into our beliefs, then we are sure to have something less than God.  Our religion can become too full of the opinions of powerful or persuasive people.  It is then, that our attention can fall from the only One that the Bible gives us who can truly bring us unto God.  But if we can see through the systems, the methods, the other ways to try and please God, then we can come to the Son.  We can look to Him.  We can believe on Him in a way in which our lives will show we have truly come to know and follow Him.  Then we will not be disappointed to find we have been sold something less.  Shall we pray for more of Jesus in us, so that we do not fall away from grace today?


Dear Father in Heaven,

In a world of complications and opinions, help us see our need for our Savior!  Let us come to know Jesus with a desire and a need that is great enough to bring us to Him, we pray!


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