One Rule

One Rule

The entire law is summed up in a single command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Galatians 5:14  NIV


Their father was not the strictest of fathers.  He hoped that they would grow up to be good people and to care about others.  But he was not about to beat good sense into them.  So he posted a set of house rules on the refrigerator door.  On it were things like; I clean up after I make a mess, I help around the house, I don´t shout or fight, and I say I´m sorry when I have been wrong.  When they forgot to think about how they were behaving, the children got very used to hearing him remind them to be nice.  His approach to discipline was far from perfect, but this father was constantly pushing this lesson he learned from the Bible.  How well do we demonstrate in our lives this one rule that sums up all the rest?

Christians are to be known for their love.  We are supposed to have learned at least this much from God.  We should have seen and have been sufficiently impressed by the love that we have been shown from above, that we seek to have God´s same love welling up in us.  We may still have a lot to learn.  We can work on having a more caring and giving heart our whole lives.  But shall we make this the one rule we hope to follow today?  Shall we pray that the love we have been shown starts to show through us and to all those we may touch today?  Can we pray we start to resemble our Father in Heaven too?


Dear Lord,

Help us to be filled so much with You that Your love spills over and cares for all those around us today, we pray!



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