A New Creation

A New Creation

Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is a new creation.  Galatians 6:15  NIV


Two men met one day on a beach.  They were playing with their children in the sand.  One man was a devote member of a church.  He had faithfully attended for years.  He was a builder by trade and had built a house for his family in a place removed from the temptations of the world.  He had also built an orphanage in South America and was supporting it personally.  He was an inspiration to the other man.  The other man did not attend any church and had not set foot in one in years.  He had never worked for any charities.  He and his family lived right in amongst the worldly oriented and those who only thought of personal gain.  Which of the two men do we suppose God was working on deep inside his heart?

God calls us to be His.  He calls us to be people set apart for Him.  But far more than outward expressions of our faith, God works deep within.  Way in there, behind where decisions are made, Jesus does His redemptive work.  A new creation is formed.  We become people who are being transformed into followers.  This means that the old worldly self, with all its high intentions, is changed into a soul after God.  Appearances mean little. What really counts is that the redeeming Spirit enters and begins to move.  It is the Spirit of God in us that makes us new.  Could we all ask for enough of the Lord´s Presence in us that we are made into a new creation today?


Dear Lord,

Work the miracle of Your Presence in our hearts!  Come to fill all our hearts until we become new in You, we pray!


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