To Be Adopted

To Be Adopted

he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will        Ephesians 1:5  NIV


They took a teenaged boy from a different country into their home.  They treated him as if he were their own son.  He had his own family back in his own country, but he wanted to be there with them.  So they made sure that he had everything he needed.  He was extremely blessed by their warm acceptance into their family.  Many years have gone by and the boy has grown into a man.  Now he looks back fondly on his own parents and the ones who just adopted him in.  Do we realize how special it is for us to be adopted into God´s family through Jesus Christ?

Many people do not care to think about it or brush off the subject lightly.  But we can stop and think of the love God has shown us.  If we take time out of our busy lives to spend time with the God who has opened His heart to us, then He can take care of us as His very own.  It is wonderful to form part of a loving earthly family.  But just as Heaven is higher than our earthly home, His loving embrace is sweeter too!  Could we take the time today to thank the Lord for taking us in?  Could we revel in the grace that we have found in Christ?  Shall we fill our hearts with love for our Father in Heaven who has adopted us as His sons and daughters right now?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for adopting us into Your heart when You did not have to!  Let Your love and Your embrace warm us now and draw nearer to You, we pray!


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