Mystery Made Known

Mystery Made Known

And he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ,  Ephesians 1:9  NIV

A professional mascot in the NBA once did a sketch during one of his team´s home games.  An evil magician tied up the mascot and took him to the middle of the court.  He put him into a large box and waved his wand over the box to make the mascot disappear.  But as the magician was doing this, the mascot amazingly appeared rappelling down from the ceiling of the arena on a rope.  The whole crowd watched and cheered as he grabbed the evil magician and threw him into the box.  He waved the wand and out of the box came a basketball which he threw into the crowd as a gift.  Everyone was left wondering how the mascot had gone from the box and appeared from the ceiling.  Are we aware that God has made known the mystery of His will to us?

There are things about God that even if we are told, we will struggle to understand.  But God´s will does not have to be a mystery.  God´s will for His lost children has been boldly proclaimed, written down in the Bible, and even shown to us by His Son.  We can approach God ourselves to ask Him.  God wants us to come to know Him, love Him, and be with Him!  So who of us will come to Him today to have the mystery of His will made known to them?  Shall we?


Dear Lord,

Let the realization of Your nearness, Your love, and Your will for us dawn within and forever change us, we pray!


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