Marked in Christ

Marked in Christ

And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,  Ephesians 1:13  NIV


Two men were working in Asia in a remote and luxurious resort.  The complex included many hotels, apartments and even a theme park.  Somehow they came to know the fire chief.  The newcomers were anxious to explore the country in their free time.  The fire chief had a 4×4 parked at the station.  He offered it to the two men to use whenever they wanted.  He did not give them the keys or even a letter.  All they had to do was just show up at the station.  Whoever was working there knew who they were and would show them to the car and give them the keys.  Do we know that we are also marked, and known, but with a more inclusive heavenly seal?

As we heard of Jesus Christ, we were blessed immensely.  We are special.  Not everyone will listen to words of salvation or wants to know their loving God.  But because we listen, a gate opens to the Lord.  The Holy Spirit can come from above.  He can enter into our lives.  We can begin to change into new creatures.  We can experience marvelous wonders of God as we respond to Jesus´ love.  We don´t need the keys to Heaven.  All we need is come to Him and seek God!  How do you feel today to know that you are marked in Christ to embark on the greatest of all adventures?


Dear Lord,

Even though we don´t deserve You, You have loved us.  Mark us now deep in our hearts and set us to seeking You, we pray!


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