Because of God´s Love

Because of God´s Love

But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy,  Ephesians 2:4  NIV


He stumbled home early one morning after staying out all night.  Now that the laughter of the party had died down, all he could think of was going to sleep.  But as he neared his house, he noticed the sun coming up over the lake.  Without thinking, his footsteps led him to the dock that stretched into glassy water.  He sat down as God put on a show of His magnificent handiwork.  It was an exceptionally colorful sunrise turning billowing clouds into a fantastic changing canvas of brilliant artwork.  If the breathtaking view was not enough, it was reflected on the perfect mirror of the surface of the lake.  God was moving there!  Has God ever blessed us with His Presence and love even when we did not deserve it?

This man was living in the world at that time, completely swept along with its ways of thinking and living.  He had been raised in a Christian home, and it was moments like this that reminded Him of the nearness and love of God.  Not everyone wanders so far into the world.  Some continue filing into church each week but forget that God has called us to hunger after Him.  Praise the Lord!  Our God is rich in mercy!  He can still reach through our stupor and touch us deep in our hearts?  Who would come to Him now to sit and watch His mighty display of wonder, awe, and love?


Dear Lord,

Blow us away with piercing reminders of Your mercy, Your love, Your Presence, and Your desire for us to be with You!  Move us so deeply that we turn to forever seek You, we pray!


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