Through Jesus

Through Jesus

For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.  Ephesians 2:18  NIV


A church was putting together a scene-by-scene display of the life of Christ.  Real people acted in the scenes as the visitors walked through the rooms.  One group of friends was selected to be in the crucifixion scene.  They were dressed up and painted to look beaten and bloody.  They took turns hanging on the crosses as the visitors passed through.  Their job was the solemn task of showing the guests the price our Savior Jesus Christ paid for us on the cross.  From there, the visitors passed on to see the resurrection scene.  But these actors were left feeling the weight of what the Lord has suffered to make access to the Father possible.  How does it make us feel to know so much has been sacrificed for us?

Through the selfless act of the Son, we can have access to the Father.  The same Spirit that guides us, teaches, encourages, and aids us in our spiritual journey, is poured out to the seeking soul.  We are blessed through seeking to know and believe in Jesus,.  Heaven opens its arms to the humble.  We can step past our tedious attempts to be good or correct.  We can embrace, our relationship with God!  Who senses their debt in their soul, their need, and a growing desire to come to Jesus?  Will it be us?  Shall we now?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for all You have done to restore our undeserving race.  We often neglect our walk with You.  Have mercy, pardon us, and cleanse us.  Then help us come to seek You with urgency and an honest desire to be with You, we pray!



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