Eternal Purposes

Ephesians 3:11 Eternal Purposes

according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Ephesians 3:11  NIV


A teenager was asked by his employer if he wanted to run a new location he was planning to open.  The teenager was keen but the new business never opened.  A couple of years later, that same young man bought one of the original owner´s businesses.  He thought that he had found his calling.  But that dream was short-lived.  The young man sold out and went to work for other people again.  In the years that followed, he worked in many different trades and had the privilege of working in many different countries.  Do we think that we are right where God wants us?  Or could the Lord be working on some other or greater eternal purpose?

Our Father in Heaven never rests.  He is working out His eternal plans right now.  Those who turn to embrace His Son Jesus Christ enter into His plans.  As we draw nearer to Jesus, our involvement with eternity increases.  We may not see now just what God is working on.  But we will surely be amazed when He finally does choose to enlighten us.  God´s ways are perfect!  His plans are too!  That we are even included in His plan is our greatest honor!  Could we thank the Lord today for letting us have the privilege of being a part of His eternal purposes?  Could we edge in close to Christ so that we do not miss out on what He still may accomplish today?


Dear Lord,

We can only wonder at the marvels You are planning to share with us!  Please draw us so close that one day we will surely see and be blown away by what You are preparing, we pray!


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