In Love

Ephesians 4:2 In Love

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.  Ephesians 4:2  NIV


A Christian man was checking his friend´s activity on Facebook when he came across an old video that he was in.  He chuckled as he remembered the past.  But as he continued watching, he began to be ashamed of himself.  The humble and gentle manner that had cost the Holy Spirit years to cultivate in him was not yet evident.  Only a proud, arrogant, and selfish show-boater was seen strutting around in the video.  The man remembered to his own shame the years of his life he had wasted in loving himself first.  Do we ever stop to consider if God´s love can be seen in us?

Facebook is not the place to go to examine ourselves.  We need to get somewhere we can be alone with our Savior.  We need to get low, even down on our knees if we really want to humble ourselves.  Then, when the Light of Christ reveals painfully little of His Presence or nature, then we will see how much we still have to learn.  Only when we genuinely humble ourselves and seek Him, can God begin to work with us.  But God has no limits!  If we do work along with Him, then glorious and infinite possibilities can follow!  Shall we remember love today?  Shall we humbly pray for the renewing of our natures with the Spirit of the Lord right now?


Dear Lord,

Let no man keep us from coming to You now!  Let not our pride or confidence hold us from seeking Your love in us!  As we repent, restore us in love to You and to others, we pray!


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