One God

One God

one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.  Ephesians 4:6  NIV


A man who worshipped God had to share a hotel room once with a man who worshipped Allah.  Although the devotional moments were awkward, they both respected the other enough to make the situation work.  After their devotions were over, they would talk about their beliefs.  They would ask questions and share positive points of their faith.  Each one was convinced that they were correct in worshipping the one they did.  But neither one was able to convince the other that their faith was not correctly founded on the one and only true God.  What about us?  Do we know the One God who sits above all else and reigns in Heaven?

There are so many religions out there each pushing the god that they prefer.  But there is one God who has done much to have us come to know Him.  He has sacrificed.  He has suffered and worked closely with His children over the ages.  Now He is reaching out even to those of us who do not deserve it.  We can choose.  We can settle for another person´s god.  Or we can humble ourselves and pray in sincerity.  We ask the Spirit to show us the One God who will reward our efforts to come to know Him.  We can start to walk with the Eternal One!  Shall we open our hearts to the One God who loves us and is calling to us now?


Dear Father in Heaven,

Be our one and Only God!  Be the Lord and love of our lives!  Be exalted above all else in Heaven and on earth!  Show us our Way unto You and help us to be truly Yours, we pray!


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