The New Self


The New Self

and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.  Ephesians 4:24  NIV


A group of friends was concerned for a boy in the class above them.  He had fallen in with the wrong crowd.  He started hanging out with the rebels of the school.  They would skip classes.  They would lie to their parents and teachers and would brag about the mischief they got up to.  The stories they told frightened everyone so the concerned friends tried to convince this boy to hang out with them instead.  The boy could not find it in himself to make the switch so he continued to hang out with the rebels.  Has our call unto the family of God brought the right changes in us?

We are all born into a world of serving self and following earthly ways.  A new self is held out for us.  A change is purposed that goes deep into who we are.  Only God can bring this change.  Our very nature is to be exchanged for new selves.  This new self is no longer one of this world.  It is of God.  It is for God.  It is directed to God and devoted to God.  As long as we concern ourselves with us, this change has not yet been made.  Shall we ask that the Holy Spirit move in and work in us more urgently today?  Could we ask to see more of God´s righteousness is us as we walk closer each day with Him?


Dear Lord,

Help us let go of who we were before.  Let us look rather to what You are building us into.  Remake us in Your nature so that we may experience the thrill of truly knowing You and walking with You for the rest of eternity, we pray!


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