What Pleases God

What Pleases God

and find out what pleases the Lord.  Ephesians 5:10  NIV


It was a creative writing class.  In it, there were a couple of overly creative young people.  They were excited to finally be in a class where they could give wings to their creativity.  The exercises they were given spurred them on.  But the teacher soon took a disliking to the exaggerated attempts of the more creative children.  She scolded them for their wild imaginations instead of channeling them to more appropriate stories.  Once singled out, no amount of private meetings were able to reestablish their relationship.  The creative children were asked to drop the creative writing class in the end.  Do we know what the Lord wants to see in us?  Are we concerned with whether or not we are doing what pleases God?

Far more important than teenagers finding a way to please their teacher, our relationship with God is something we can always work on.  Our eager students could have enjoyed the rest of the year improving the skill that they liked.  But we could enjoy an eternity in the Presence of God if we care to make it important enough to find out what pleases Him.  He is looking for those who care to connect with Him.  He is waiting for some to see that He is near and that we can approach Him.  Our Father in Heaven wants children who seek to be with Him and know Him personally.  Will it be us who go the distance today and press forward in our pursuit of Him?  Shall we learn first-hand from Him what pleases Him?


Dear Lord,

How will we know what pleases You if we do not come to know You?  Teach us to seek first what pleases You, we pray!


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